About Skizzium

A Multiverse of Gaming and Entertainment

Born in 2020, Skizzium is an organization with very high standards, set on a very ambitious journey filled with lots of projects (APIs, SDKs, Games, etc.) Our main goal is to deliver a platform for distributing mods and games, APIs to assist multiplayer games, and a large set of entertainment projects (animation series, games) that will tell many stories from our vast multiverse.

Our Vision

Skizzium envisions a future where mods and games, regardless of the website you own them on, are accessible through one single launcher and can be discussed in one central hub. Our goal is not to compete with or replace other platforms, but rather to act as a unifying platform that brings together diverse gaming communities. By connecting multiple platforms, we aim to create a collaborative ecosystem that celebrates creativity and allows gamers and modders to seamlessly interact across different communities.

In addition to our shared vision of connecting gaming communities, Skizzium is passionately driven to create immersive experiences with interconnected stories. Within our vast multiverse, we meticulously craft captivating projects that unveil the mysteries of this rich and ever-expanding universe. With each new project, we draw closer to revealing another part of our multiverse, enticing players with exciting stories and enthralling adventures. Our commitment to building a multiverse that sparks curiosity and wonder is at the heart of everything we do.

Get In Touch

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For inquiries, partnership opportunities, or to volunteer, get in touch with us at [email protected]. Welcome to Skizzium - born in 2020, made for the future.