Our Christmas presents for you

From the Patreon changes to the FNaF Wireframe release, we have prepared many Christmas gifts for you all. Read on to learn more...

Our Christmas presents for you
Photo by Chad Madden / Unsplash

'Tis the season for giving, and here at Skizzium, we couldn't wait for Santa to arrive, so we've decided to unwrap some presents early just for you!

We've prepared a quick update on the latest developments at Skizzium Mods and the Skizzium Launcher. But that's not all – we've also made our Patreon pricing more accessible and we are thrilled to announce the early access release of FNaF Wireframe. Read on for more details...

Skizzium Mods rewrite rages on

The ongoing overhaul of Skizzium Mods continues to make significant strides. In our recent blog post, we highlighted our commitment to refining the development process and enhancing platform stability, leading us to begin a complete rewrite of our backend.

This major undertaking has not only allowed us to address various challenges but also presented an opportunity to remove delayed features. It has also allowed us to give a second shot at some poorly-executed features such as mod reviews.

At the moment, the mod release process involves multiple approval steps, which can be time-consuming without direct communication with the Skizzium team. In response, we're simplifying the process by introducing auto-approval for files scanned by antivirus software, eliminating the need for reviews on releases, while retaining the mod page review process unchanged.

There's a lot more changes we have in mind for this v2, however we'll keep them a secret for now.

Skizzium Launcher out of support (for now)

It's no secret that the Skizzium Launcher has faced its fair share of challenges since its initial release, plagued by persistent bugs despite our best efforts. Having undergone two rewrites already, it's clear that the current beta falls short of our expectations and has become burdensome to support. In light of this, we've made the decision to discontinue support for the current beta.

To address these issues comprehensively, we'll be rewriting the launcher once again. This forthcoming version aims to enhance the entire stack, reducing susceptibility to errors and aligning the UI more closely with our website. Most importantly, it will introduce support for website-related functionalities, including the ability to download mods uploaded to the site.

While we do have some internal estimates for the timeline, we prefer not to disclose specific details at this moment. Our intention is to avoid making empty promises and ensure that when we share updates, they reflect tangible progress and improvements.

Now looking for - Minecraft Forge developers

If you happen to be a Minecraft Forge developer with free time on your hands and a passion for creating exciting new experiences, we'd love to hear from you! Simply submit a quick application, and we'll promptly get back to you to discuss the exciting potential of our new projects.

Patreon Changes

In our commitment to providing value to our Patreon supporters, we've recently re-evaluated our pricing and benefits structure. We're excited to share some positive changes that we believe you will like.

Firstly, we've shifted Early Access from the Cosmic Skizzo tier to the Cosmic Skizzie tier (now at $10/month). This adjustment ensures that subscribers at this tier continue to enjoy early access to updates across all our projects, especially FNaF Wireframe.

Additionally, patron-only votes have been moved up to the Cosmic Skizzo tier. We plan on using these votes to give Cosmic Skizzos a voice in what'll be implemented next.

To align with these benefit changes, we've revised the pricing of the Cosmic Skizzo tier, reducing it from $25/month to $20/month. We believe this adjustment better reflects the new benefits without imposing a hefty price tag.

New membership pricing and benefits

In the spirit of transparency, we want to inform you that the proceeds from the initial months following the FNaF Wireframe update will be allocated towards our Git LFS fees. Remaining profits will be distributed among our dedicated team members as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Speaking of FNaF Wireframe...

Ladies and gentlemen, humans and animatronics alike, the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived - FNaF Wireframe is back, revitalized and ready for an early access release! We've diligently worked on fixing up the mod, addressing various issues to ensure compatibility with the latest game version. As a cherry on top, we've introduced a sleek and improved UI that, in our humble opinion, is much better than the old mess.

To maintain a standard of quality and refinement, we've chosen to make this patch exclusive to our Patrons for now. This decision allows us the time to further polish the mod, incorporate additional content, and meet our own rigorous standards before presenting it to the wider public. Before the first public update, marked as v1.0.0, we plan to run a brief YouTuber early access period, lasting no more than a week. Following this, the mod will be officially released to the public.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we encourage you to report any bugs or share suggestions through our public bug tracker or in our Discord, specifically in the appropriate forum channel. We deeply appreciate your support on this exciting journey, and we're eagerly looking forward to delivering a polished and content-rich FNaF Wireframe to all of you.


As the final bow is placed on our Christmas presents, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the entire Skizzium team, an extraordinary group of volunteers, for dedicating their time and energy to bring these projects to life. Your passion and commitment have made this journey truly remarkable.

Wishing each and every one of you joyful holidays filled with moments spent with loved ones. As we wrap up this year, let's look forward to reuniting in 2024 for even more exciting projects and updates. Together, we'll continue to build something truly amazing. Happy holidays to all!